Creon - Important Dates

The Spectra Creon is PCI 1.3 hardware which means it will expire on the 30 April 2017.

To update to a PCI 3.0 Spectra T1000, contact one of our resellers

30 April 2014
- Date after which no NEW Creons can be connected to Paymark
- Existing Creons can remain on the Paymark network
- Dispensations for short term rentals are allowed

30 April 2016
- Paymark 6.0 software expires, Creon 3.94 software must be updated

30 April 2017
- Paymark 6.1 software expires
- the terminal hardware will need to be upgraded

Creon software version PTLEFT 3.94 is 6.0 software.
Creon software version PTLEFT 3.96 is 6.1 software.

Old software can be remotely updated to version PTLEFT 3.96, which will allow the Creon to remain on the Paymark network until 30 April 2017.